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King's Day

King's Day

One of the highlights in Reguliersdwarsstraat are the street parties to celebrate King's Day on April 27, previously known as Queen's Day.

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updated: 03-05-2017


Program King's Day 2016

Wednesday, April 26
& Thursday, April 27

King's Day is the celebration of the birthday of the Dutch king Willem-Alexander. In Amsterdam, this event attracts hundreds of thousands to the city centre. The distinctive color of this day is orange, as that is also the family name of the royal family.

In Regulierdwarsstraat, King's Day is traditionally celebrated with a Gay Street Party and a Dutch Street Party, both on King's Day and King's Night, which is the evening before:

King's Day street parties @ Reguliersdwarsstraat

For the indoor parties at the various venues, check our calendar

On King's Day, restaurants and fastfood places are allowed to sell their food out on the street. Please note that on King's Day, you are not allowed to have more than one alcoholic beverage in your possession at a time.

Gay Street Party

Outside the bars and the famous gay venues in the western part of the street there's no big stage with performances anymore, but there will be lavish decorations and music from the bars - for a festive gathering of all gay (and straight) people who feel themselves at home here.
King's Night, Wednesday, April 26:
19.00 - 01.00 hrs.
- The King's Secret Street Party - DJ line-up: Charlie, Lim de la Cruz, Morinho, Rob Boskamp, The G-Team, Clark Kent and supported by Irma Derby & Ewa Pepper!

King's Day, Thursday, April 27:
12.00 - 20.00 hrs.
- The King's Secret Street Party - DJ line-up: Syllie G, Kai, Pleeboy, Barry Paf, Rob Boskamp, Leroyal, Stennis, and Aiscream!

After the end of the party outside, it continues inside the various places!

King's Day street party (2014)
(click to enlarge)


Dutch Street Party

At the Rembrandtplein-side of Reguliersdwarsstraat, straight disco Jantjes Verjaardag organizes a street party with an outside tap and a big stage for live entertainment by popular Dutch DJs:
King's Night, Wednesday, April 26:
19.00 - 01.00 hrs.
- The finalists of Jantjes Talent Show, hosted by Roy vd Burg!

King's Day, Thursday, April 27:
12.00 - 20.00 hrs.
- Oranje StraatFestijn, with the best Dutch party DJs,including Tino Martin, Dries Roelvink and Pascal Redeker!

On both days, the party continues inside until late!

King's Day street party outside Jantjes Verjaardag (2016)
(click to enlarge)


The Dutch street party organized by Jantjes Verjaardag in the eastern part of Reguliersdwarsstraat attracts a mainly straight audience.

In the western part of the street, there's traditionally a large crowd of gay people, but this street party also attracts an increasing number of straight people.

King's Dag 2015 in the western part of Reguliersdwarsstraat
(Photo: Rodrigo Borges - Click to enlarge)



Here you can see some pictures of the King's and Queen's Day street parties in previous years:

Queen's Day street party in Reguliersdwarsstraat (2011)
(click to enlarge)



Here's a video impression of the 2017 King's Day street party in the western part of Reguliersdwarsstraat:

King's Day street party in the western part of
Reguliersdwarsstraat on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Click here for an overview of YouTube videos showing how King's Day and Queen's Day were celebrated in earlier years!


Elsewhere in the city

Here's an overview of the bigger and smaller LGBTQ street parties that take place on King's Day elsewhere in Amsterdam:

LGBTQ street parties elsewhere in Amsterdam
(click to enlarge)



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