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Reguliersdwarsstraat is a place where a wide variety of people come together: gay and straight, celebrities and commonners, locals and foreigners.

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Dave in 1982 Regular visitor in the 1970s

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Gert-Jan Dröge
Born in Enschede in 1943
Died in Amsterdam in 2007

Gert-Jan Dröge was the first manager of the night club "36 op de schaal van Richter" (36 on the Richter Scale), which was situated at number 36 Reguliersdwarsstraat from 1981-1996. He instantly made this disco one of the most trendy, famous and popular places to be.

At Richter he not only organized parties and a variety of performances, but on sunday-evening also a talkshow with three famous guests, hosted by one of his friends, Jan Lenferink. Named "Rechtstreeks Uit Richter" (Direct from Richter) this became the first late night talk show on Dutch Television.

In 1988 Jan Lenferink moved this show to his own bar and in 1990 Gert-Jan Dröge got his own television show about the Dutch jet set, called "Glamourland". This made him the most famous Dutch society reporter. He died of lung cancer in 2007.

Born in Thailand in 1964
Died in Amsterdam in 2005

Irene was a well known and beloved entertainer in various gay bars in Reguliersdwarsstraat. She was a transsexual, as she was born in Thailand as a man, but turned into a woman, after coming to the Netherlands.

In juli 2005 she was found murdered in her own house in the Amsterdam red light disrict. Police later catched the murderer, which turned out to be a doorstayer of Club Exit, were Irene also had worked. At the trial it turned out that he wanted money of her, but that he stabbed her to death, when she refused.

This was of course a great shock for the Amsterdam gay scene and a silent mourning march was organized to remember her. The murderer was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.

Nickie Nicole
Born in New York City in 1969

Nickie Nicole is the most famous drag queen, not only of Reguliersdwarsstraat, but also of the Netherlands. Born as Nicholas Carter he started his career at the age of 10, won the famous Miss Boy Bar Contest and came to the Netherlands to study fashion design.

Then he was spotted by the famous Manfred Langer, owner of the legendary disco iT in Amstelstraat, and soon Nickie became the star of many great drag queen performances in many Amsterdam gay clubs.

In 1996/'97 Nickie Nicole got famous nationwide by participating in a drag queen show on Dutch television, called the "Travestie Show". Nickie was on the cover of the glossy magazine Esquire, produced the single Funkee and had the first and only drag queen clothing shop in Amsterdam: Queens & Co.

Esquire cover from 1995    Single Funkee from 1996
Esquire cover from 1995 and the single Funkee from 1996

Esquire cover from 1995

Single Funkee from 1996
Esquire cover from 1995 and the single Funkee from 1996

Up to today Nickie Nicole can be seen in shows in various clubs inside and outside Reguliersdwarsstraat. Since recently, Nickie has also been doing computer art work.

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Groovemaster Johnson
Born in England in 1960

Groovemaster Johnson was one of the most famous DJ's of Reguliersdwarsstraat. He was born in England in 1960, but as teenager he came to the Netherlands, where he has been a DJ since 1976.

His style is a mix of disco, soul, funk, reggae, latin, jazzdance and African music. Together with Paul Jay, Grahem B. and Maz Weston, who called themselves The Soho Connection, he introduced house music in the Netherlands.
He played in famous discos like RoXY at Singel and "36 op de schaal van Richter" in Reguliersdwarsstraat.

Especially famous were his performances in gay club Havana, where his new and unique African jazz styled music attracted not only gay, but also a wide range of straight people. His first three albums were compilations of the music he played in the Havana:

In the nineties Groovemaster Johnson became a specialist of the garage and the 2-step genre. He spinned his music at a lot of Dutch clubs and parties, some of which he organized himself, like the Bubble Club party at Paradiso in 2001.

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DJ YoAv Arnon
Born in Israel in 1975

YoAv Arnon is a famous DJ, not only in Reguliersdwarsstraat, but also in the international gay scene.

The career of YoAv Arnon started in music store Super zeus in Tel Aviv, and in 1997 he first played as DJ in the town of Tiberius. In 2000 he went back to Tel Aviv, where he played for a few years at big clubs and parties like FFF, Mail Vox, Squeeze @ Dome, and also at various Gay & Love Parades.

Soon he became the most played Israeli DJ on the radio and in 2005 his first album "Sound of Chaos" was released. Then came his international break-through, and YoAv Arnon was asked to play at the White Parties at Ibizi and in Amsterdam.
There he preformed at various parties and he became resident-DJ in Pub Soho in Reguliersdwarsstraat in 2006. Since that year he also has been present almost every year at the big Queensday and Gay Pride street dance parties.

In 2005 YoAv Arnon became a teacher at a local DJ-school in Israel, cooperating with talented people like Itai Kalderon, Love Bites Glamour, Amir F. Guttman and Henree & Nikka. Nowadays Yoav Arnon is resident DJ at the famous White Party, and also one of the organizers of PAG, a very succesfull weekly event in Tel Aviv.

In June 2009 DJ YoAv Arnon presented his first video clip, which is a result of a Dutch-Israeli venture of Natasja Voigt and Anat Nir. The clip features his song "Again and Again", which was already very popular in the international club scene:

Video clip of "Again and Again" (2009)

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DJ Max Morel
Born in 1979

Max Morel was born in a little village, where he became fond of music at the age of 16. When he was 20 years old, he went to Amsterdam, where he discovered the house music genre.

Only one year later, in 2000, he became resident-DJ in Soho in Reguliersdwarsstraat - at that time the most trendy gay bar in Amsterdam. Since that year Max Morel performed many years at the big Queen's Day and Gay Pride street parties in the western part of Reguliersdwarsstraat.

In 2002 he was invited to play at one big club after another, first in Amsterdam, but thereafter also in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The big breakthrough of Max Morel came in 2005, when he became resident-DJ at the famous CO2-parties. Also he was resident in various big clubs, and also at the White Party, one of the most famous European gay parties.

Nowadays Max Morel is associated with Rapido, organizer of populair gay circuit parties. For them he plays at the Fresh and After The Beach parties, and also at Space Ibiza.

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Born in 1964

TrinityRoy, or T-Roy, is a well-known artist, especially in the eastern part of Reguliersdwarsstraat. He started his career as a club- and foodmanager in various venues in Amsterdam, but since the eighties he is a free lance percussionist and singer.

He started his career at the former disco RoXY, where he played together with famous resident DJ's like Eddy de Clercq and Dimitri. Also he played in various clubs and bars in Reguliersdwars- straat, where in hiphop bar De Duivel he organized the famous weekly Devil's Jam sessions on mondaynight.

T-Roy also engaged himself for Reguliersdwarsstraat, for which he planned a website, and for the city, with plans to improve the circumstances for bars, club life, entertainment and arts. This was however with little succes.

Nowadays TrinityRoy is part of Wicked Jazz Sounds, an Amsterdam based jazz and dance platform. Also he sings in his own club act DigiFuNcK.

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- From his weblog: The Stupidity of Stereotypes
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DJ Natarcia
Born in Surinam in 1971

Natarcia is one of the most famous female DJ's of the Netherlands, and she played in almost every venue in Reguliersdwarsstraat. We let her tell her own story:

My name is Natarcia Ommen. I was born in Suriname (South America above Brazil) on the day my parents got married (guess you could say I was born 2 party), and raised in Amsterdam (Holland). Both my parents were into soul and Suriname music, so the tunes and lyrics of Millie Jackson, Marvin Gay, Betty Wright and the drumbeats of Surinam artists like Lieve Hugo, sounded like lullabies 2 my ears. Didn’t play with dolls. I played with records and I still do. No wonder I became a DJ.

I started dj-ing at school, wrote my own rhymes and started rapping & breakdancing. One thing let 2 another and I became dancer 4 a house band named Fierce Ruling Diva. After a few years with the band I got more work behind the decks and decided 2 become a full time DJ.

My style I call Black house, it’s a mix of US garage (vocal house), latinhouse, deephouse, electro, techno, club and tribal. It depends on the party and the people what I’ll do. One thing is for sure whatever style I’ll play, sexy grooves with uplifting basslines and funky drums, will always set my tone. Mixing is my main thing, that’s why I love vinyl, so people can see as well as hear what I am doing.

At the moment I'm producing my own tracks, which will be out later this year (2009). You can except a groovy mixture of vocal house, latin, techno, club, electro & a little tip of hip hop - yes Blackhouse!

DJ Natarcia at Absolutely Flawless, June 28, 2008

Natarcia started her DJ career in the early 1990's in the famous dancing Havana, where she attracted both gay and straight people with her R&B and Garage music.

Later on, she played in famous straight clubs like Richter and Ministry, and in gay venues like April, Exit and Soho, all of them in Reguliersdwarsstraat. In the mid-1990's she started a national and even an international career.

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DJ Jerry Black

Since 1978 Jerry Black was the longest playing DJ in Reguliersdwarsstraat. We let him tell his own story:

As a small boy I always pretended to be a radiostation with two plastic turntables and a fake microphone. I knew that I wanted to do something with music, because I always listen once to a song to hear and know if it’s good or not. I started as DJ in the Viking Amsterdam in November 1978 and played there for two years.

After 2 years Viking I was asked for the D.O.K. (De Odeon Kring). I stopped my permanent job during the week and became a full-time DJ. Six years, seven days a week i played records in DOK (from 1980 till 1986). During this period I have also played at many pirate radio station like WAPS Amsterdam. DJ Jarb took over from me in the DOK.

After DOK I start working in the Gay Life in Amsterdam, Wells Fargo and the Steps and again Gay Life. It was DJ Jarb who asked me to come and play with him in the Exit, a new club at that time. Now I still play in the Exit, with a lot of fun.

Jerry Black on a flyer of Goldrush
November 16, 2007

After a period of also playing in April and Soho, I choose to play only in the Exit. My favorite parties are mixed parties with all types together (Vintage & Goldrush), so I can play Vocal House, but also strong Tribal tunes. I’ll always try to go in changes, but will always be myself.

In 2008 Jerry black opened up first edition of the Mirrorball Party in Amsterdam Marcanti and played the crowd so well that everybody cheered for him to line up this next level event. Jerry is known for his vocalisious uplifting music and it is his pleasure to make everyone dance.

After Club Exit was closed in April 2010, he played at neighbouring gay pub Soho for some time.

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