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Logo of Jantjes Verjaardag

Jantjes Verjaardag

Reguliersdwarsstraat nr. 110-114
1017 BN Amsterdam
(since 2001)

- Jantjes Verjaardag ("Little John's Birthday") has different spaces, each with its own style: an Amsterdam Cafe, the Lucky Shot Bar and a large disco area. There's also a smoking room in the basement.
- The venue can host some 600 people, and is especially popular by (straight) youngsters, both from Amsterdam and from elsewhere in the country.
- Jantjes Verjaardag has party nights with DJ's playing popular Dutch and international pop music. There are also theme parties and talent shows.

- Opening hours:
Sun.- Wed.
  22.00 - 04.00   (entrance fee?)
22.00 - 05.00   (free entrance)
22.00 - 05.00   (after 23.30: 9,- euro)

- Homepage: www.jantjesverjaardag.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Jantjes Verjaardag @ Reguliersdwarsstraat


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