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Since 2007, is the most complete and up-to-date website about the most famous Amsterdam gay street: Reguliersdwarsstraat.

On this website you'll find everything about the gay venues, the other bars, clubs and restaurants, the rich history, the buildings and the people of this colorful street.

In the eighties, Reguliersdwarsstraat was the first place in Europe where both gay and straight people partied together in a very open and creative atmosphere.

Today Reguliersdwarsstraat offers the widest range of gay and straight venues: from big trendy gay bars, to the most famous Amsterdam Hiphop bar; from typical dutch cafes, to the finest foreign restaurants.

Reguliersdwarsstraat in 2008


For foreigners, Reguliersdwarsstraat is a rather long and difficult name. The last part (straat) just means street, and the first part sounds like Raygoohleers-dvars.

See also more about the meaning of this street name.


Other gay areas

Reguliersdwarsstraat is the most famous and trendy gay street of Amsterdam, but there are 3 more areas with a concentration of gay venues:

- Kerkstraat (at a 5 minute walk), which is the oldest gay street with some hotels, a big new bar and a popular gay club.

- Amstel area (5 minute walk), with a wide variety of typical dutch gay bars, some very old, some new. There's also a small trendy gay club.

- Warmoesstraat/Zeedijk area (20 minute walk), where you can find the leather scene and also a few traditional dutch gay bars.

More information: see the general gay guide websites.

Gay streets in Amsterdam



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