Gay Village Amsterdam
Gay Village Amsterdam

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Compared to the current Gay Capitals of the world, Amsterdam is almost like a Gay Village.

But despite being small in size, the Dutch capital has a gay scene with a remarkable variety (and a long history).

Within the city, Reguliersdwarsstraat is the street with the biggest concentration of gay businesses and with an atmosphere that makes it the Gay Village in a narrow sense.

Besides Reguliersdwarsstraat there are also several other streets around which gay bars and businesses are centered:

Each of these areas has its own character:

Zeedijk - with the oldest still existing LGBT-bar 't Mandje and a few typical Amsterdam gay cafes. More about this area:

Warmoesstraat - the center of the Amsterdam leather scene, with several bars and shops. About the history of these places:

Spuistraat - a street with gay businesses ranging from a popular gay cafe, a restaurant, several shops, an infopoint to a sex club. Nearby are also two cruise bars and a gay sauna.

Reguliersdwarsstraat - since 1981 the most famous and trendy Amsterdam gay street, with a range of gay cafes and gay-minded shops, hairdressers and restaurants. More information:

Kerkstraat - from the 1950s till the 1980s this was the main Amsterdam gay street and it still has a gay hotel, an sex shop, a bar and a fetish-club.

Amstel - with a number of typical Amsterdam gay bars, like the old Amstel Taveerne, which is now called Amstel Fifty Four. Nearby are also a transvestite bar and a lesbian cafe.
And there's also a range of gay places more spread across the city center.

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