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Events elsewhere in Amsterdam

Events elsewhere in Amsterdam


Besides the big events in Reguliersdwarsstraat, there are also many nice activities elsewhere in Amsterdam.

Here's an overview of annual events which are especially aimed at gay, LGBT or openminded people, with some additional other events that take place in or in the near vicinity of Reguliersdwarsstraat:

updated: 30-06-2018

- Spring -

Amsterdam Bear Weekend

March 1-5, 2017
City center, various locations
(since 2014)

Like the general Amsterdam Gay Pride there's also the Amsterdam Bear Weekend, with various activities around the leather and cruise bars for big and hairy men and those hwo favor them. There's the Mister Bear Netherlands election and the Bear Necessity and FurBall party at club AIR.

- Homepage: www.amsterdambearweekend.com

- Network: Facebook

Amsterdam Bear Weekend (2017)



Pink Film Days

March 8-18, 2018
Het Ketelhuis @ Westergasfabriek
(since 1996)

The Pink Film Days (Dutch: Roze Filmdagen) are one of the biggest LGBTQ film festivals in the world. With over 100 films, short films and documentaries from about 40 countries and in all genres. There are also talk shows and opportunities to meet directors and actors.

- Homepage: www.rozefilmdagen.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram




April 26 and 27, 2018
City center
(since 1948/2014)

On April 27, the birthday of the king (Dutch: Koningsdag) will be celebrated with flea markets and street parties all around the city center, and almost everyone will be dressed in orange. On the night before, King's Night, there are already somewhat smaller street parties for locals.

> More about King's Day in Reguliersdwarsstraat

- Gay events: www.kingsdayamsterdam.eu

Flea market during Queen's Day (2012)



Gay Monument Celebrations

May 4 and 5, 2017
(since 1988)

On May 4, there's a Remembrance of the Dead at the Gay Monument (Dutch: Homomonument), in which gay victims are honoured with a wreath-laying ceremony. May 5 is Liberation Day, which is celebrated here with an open air gay party.

- Homepage: www.homomonument.nl

- Network: Facebook

Remembrance of the Dead at the Gay Monument (2009)



Amsterdam Fetish Pride

May 25-29, 2017
City center, various locations
(since 2013)


Besides the general Amsterdam Gay Pride, there's also the Amsterdam Fetish Pride, consisting of various events for men who like rubber, lycra, sneakers and sportswear. Highlights are the Invasion-party and the election of Mr. Leather Amsterdam.

- Homepage: www.amsterdamfetishpride.com

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter

Amsterdam Fetish Pride (2017)

- Summer -

Open Garden Days

June 15-17, 2018
Canal district, various locations
(since 1987)

In Reguliersdwarsstraat one can dine at terraces in the beautiful gardens behind the stately canal houses. Similar hidden gardens can be visited during the Open Garden Days, when 25 gardens of private owners as well as public institutions will be open to the public.

- Homepage: www.opentuinendagen.nl

Garden terrace of restaurant-bar Lion Noir
(photo: Lion Noir)




July 7, 2018
(since 2015)

After various successful editions, some 100 extravagant drag queens will again come together in an hilarious battle for the title of "Amsterdam's Leading Drag House".

- Homepage: www.superball-amsterdam.com

- Networks: Facebook - Instagram

Superball drag queen contest (2015)
(photo: Superball Facebook)



Kwaku Pink Sunday

July 22, 2018
Nelson Mandelapark
(since 2007)

Kwaku is the biggest multicultural festival of Amsterdam, with Pink Sunday being especially dedicated to gay people. With some 20.000 visitors, this is the biggest black LGBT event of Europe and was also the unofficial kick-off of the Amsterdam Gay Pride.

- Homepage: www.kwakufestival.nl/roze-zondag

- Network: Facebook

Pink Sunday during the Kwaku Summer festival
(photo: Zuidoost.nl)



Milkshake Festival

July 28 and 29, 2018
(since 2012)

An initiative of Erwin Olaf, Ted Langenbach, Diva Mayday, AIR and Paradiso: a festival where thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans, black and white celebrate diversity. There are stages for various music genres as well as extravagant live performances.

- Homepage: www.milkshakefestival.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Milkshake Festival @ Westerpark (2016)
(photo: Milkshake/Naomi van Heck)




July 28 - August 5, 2018
City center, various locations
(since 1996)

Pride Amsterdam encompasses a wide variety of events and activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. There are street parties and the famous boat parade as highlight on Saturday, August 4. On Sunday, there's a big closing party on Dam square.

> More about Gay Pride in Reguliersdwarsstraat

- Homepage: www.pride.amsterdam

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Gay Pride at Zeedijk (2015)




August 20, 2018
(since 1997)

Instead of three Hartjesdagen ("Days of Hearts"), there's now only the traditional parade in which men dress up like women and women dress up like men on Monday. On the previous Sunday there's a Romantic Night with small-scale performances in various cafes and restaurants.

- Homepage: www.stichtinghartjesdagen.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter

Participants of the Hartjesparade (2007)

- Autumn -

Streetheart festival

September 8, 2018
(since 2017)

Organized by Jennifer Hopelezz in cooperation with the GALA foundation: a festive and inclusive LHBTQ-event at which visitors can dance, participate in a fashion show and vote for their favorite Mister, Miss and Genderfluid Streetheart. From 13.00 till 21.00 hrs. in Kerkstraat outside club Church.

- Homepage:

- Network: Facebook

Streetheart festival in Kerkstraat (2017)




September 1, 2018
(since 2008)

A colorful and unruly festival, organised by MTV and Joost van Bellen's Meubelstukken. With different stages for Dance, Club, House and alternative music, which you preferable attend dressed up according to the anually changing theme.

- Homepage: www.valtifest.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Valtifest festival @ NDSM-werf (2012)
(photo: Instagram.com/valtifest)



Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

October 17-21, 2018
City center, various locations
(since 1995)

The ADE is the biggest festival for electronic Dance music in the world: at more than 80 big and small locations all around the Amsterdam city center there are performances of over 2000 Dutch and international DJs.

> More about the ADE in Reguliersdwarsstraat

- Homepage: www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

ADE seat and info stand at Rembrandt square (2016)



Amsterdam Leather Pride

October 25-28, 2018
City center, various locations
(since 1996)

Besides the general Gay Pride, there's also the Amsterdam Leather Pride specially for leather men. It consists of a long weekend with events in and around the leather and cruise bars and for the first time the election of Mr. Puppy NL. Highlight is the Invasion-party, which takes places at the NDSM dock yard.

- Homepage: www.leatherpride.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter

Amsterdam Leather Pride (2016)
(photo: leatherpride.nl)

- Winter -

Amsterdam Light Festival

November 29, 2018 - January 20, 2019
City center, various locations
(since 2012)

During the Amsterdam Light Festival there are some 40 unique light objects and sculptures at various locations throughout the city center. They can be seen through a boat tour called "Water Colours" and a walking tour which is named "Illuminade".

- Homepage: www.AmsterdamLightFestival.com

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Light sculpture in Wertheimpark (2014)
(photo: Janus van den Eijnden)



Love Dance

December 1, 2017
(since 2004)

As the successor of the first aids benefit parties and the Love Balls in the former RoXY, Love Dance is an annual party which is held on World Aids Day to raise awareness and funds for combating hiv and aids. It celebrates diversity and solidarity with a wide variety of performances.

- Homepage: www.lovedance.nl

- Networks: Facebook - Twitter

Love Dance party @ Paradiso (2015)
(photo: Jack Aarts/Jack Undercover)



Pink Christmas Service

December 17, 2017
Keizersgracht 566
(since 2010)

The only remaining event of the former Pink Christmas is a special LGBT Christmas service, which is held on the Sunday before Christmas. It's a pink celebration with music, food and gl├╝hwein. The service takes place in Keizersgrachtkerk, starts at 15.00 hrs and everyone is welcome!

- Network: Facebook

Pink Christmas Service (2015)
(photo: Daan Stringer)



True Colors

January 28, 2018
(since 2013)

As successor of it's New Year's reception, LGBT rights organisation COC now organizes a big party, which also serves as fundraiser for the Bob Angelo Fund. There are various performances, LGBT volunteers are honoured and the annual Bob Angelo Prize will be awarded.

- Homepage: truecolors.coc.nl

- Network: Facebook

True Colors in Paradiso (2013)




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