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Logo of A l'Elephant du Congo

A l'Elephant du Congo

Reguliersdwarsstraat nr. 37
1017 BK Amsterdam
(2015 - 2017)

Turned into pop-up BAR7 as of July 7, 2017

- A l'Elephant du Congo, short Congo, is a bar/dancing where you can go for a variety of buzzing club nights.
- The front part of the place has a rough western look, while in the back there's a clubbing area with some 19th century French furniture. This interior was created by Thijs Murre and Casper Reinders, who earlier designed trendy places like Jimmy Woo, Lion Noir and Nacional.
- Congo is the successor of subsequently bar Ludwig, Ludwig II, and April, the latter once being the most famous Amsterdam gay bar.

- Opening hours:
Tue.- Thu.
Fri.+ Sat.
Sun.+ Mon.
  18.00 - 01.00
18.00 - 03.00

- Telephone: +31(0)20-616 1181

- Homepage: www.elephantducongo.com

- Networks: Facebook - Instagram

A l'Elephant du Congo

A l'Elephant du Congo

A l'Elephant du Congo
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- Accessibility: level access, toilet on ground floor, smoking area, debetcard and credit cards accepted


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